Meet Our Growers

Our growers vary from small scale, artisan flower farmers to wholesale growers supplying supermarkets. Below you will find an introduction to each of our growers, for further information, click on the link to each growers’ website.

Beechfield Flower Farm


On the farm we grow a selection of seasonal and scented flowers. Our aim is to encourage the promotion of locally grown flowers in a sustainable environment and to give you a freshly picked bunch of flowers that looks like it has just been picked from the garden.
We aim to have seasonal flowers and foliage from Spring through to Autumn and most of are crops are grown outside in the field.
At the start of our season in April, we have scented narcissus and beautiful double tulips. From early summer the number of varieties increase and they include sweet pea, cornflower, cosmos, scabious, ammi, cerinthe, peonies, roses, dahlias and herbs including applemint and pineapple mint.
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Ditsy Floral

ElaiDitsy 2ne Groves is an artisan floral designer and small scale grower combining the best of wild and seasonal garden flowers for weddings and special occasions.

Whilst taking my Level 3 Floristry qualification I realised my own style of arranging is much more relaxed, informal and wild than traditional floristry techniques. Growing allows me to incorporate more unusual cut flower varieties and herbs in my designs for a country garden or wildflower style.

I mainly grow for my own requirements, a mix of summer annuals such as nigella, cornflower, larkspur, ammi majus and dahlias like the popular Café au Lait as well as some foliages such as senecio and rosemary. I can provide flowers by the bucket for DIY brides and at peak growing times I may have surplus stock.

Finlay’s Place


I grow a range of eucalyptus which is available 12 months of the year, but mostly October to April. For Christmas I create eucalyptus wreaths.

I also produce sunflowers which are usually available during August and September.

I sell directly to the public and florists via my farm shop, with surplus going to the wholesalers.


Kilcoan Gardens


Our flowers are seasonal and scented, we can provide  blooms and foliage from April to September. Our cut flower field is packed full of  cottage garden style flowers ranging from sweet pea to roses and we also grow a range of herb foliage including applemint, lemon balm and rosemary to complete your wildflower country look.

Flowers vary through the seasons from scented narcissus and tulips in spring, through to an abundance of cottage garden favourites in summer.snapdragons, cornflowers and cosmos to name a few.  In autumn, we add seedheads, sunflowers and dahlias to the late flowering annuals such as statice and scabious.

With the exception of early spring, all of our crops are grown outdoors in the field. We grow organically without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Moorfield Flowers

moorfield9 - Copy

Established in 2007 on the family farm, Moorfield Flowers has found its niche growing premium quality seasonal flowers.  At Moorfield Flowers, we supply the freshest in-season Northern Irish flowers, June through to the end of October.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our blooms, our prompt service and personal attention to detail that ensures customers come back to us time after time.

Crops grown at Moorfield Flowers include peony roses, scented stock, sweet pea, sweet William, bloom chrysanthemums, sunflowers, alstroemeria oriental lilies, unusual summer annuals and foliages.  We always strive to adapt to trends and varieties in demand.

Moorfield Flowers currently does very limited deliveries, but welcomes enquiries for DIY flowers which be collected from the farm by prior arrangement.  Peonies can be delivered by courier throughout Northern Ireland approximately mid-June to early July, subject to seasonal weather conditions.  Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Foliage Works

barbara2 - Copy

Foliage Works has been developed from scratch since 2006, following the purchase of our present home in 2004, when we acquired a field of four and a half acres, knee high with grasses and buttercups.  The previous owners had used it to graze a pony, but it had died and their family had moved away from home.  It had therefore not been used purposefully for some time. We had decisions to make – how to make appropriate use of the field in an environmentally friendly manner.  Following advice from local farmers, we decided not to consider livestock to keep down the grass. However I had attended several evening information sessions run by the Cut Flower Adviser of CAFRE and decided to commence my business by growing foliage.

In the summer of 2006, following my retirement, several metre-wide cultivation strips were dug  and at the same time as the lake was dug, the top soil was used to create a level site for the future polytunnel I hoped to erect. These strips enabled home germinated eucalyptus trees to be planted, and a variety of foliage types were also imported from Holland. Foliage is relatively low maintenance and is cut throughout the winter months from October to April, and this regime fitted with caring responsibilities. It takes two years for the trees to provide a reasonable crop and in 2009 I was able to start selling.

I was encouraged by the Cut Flower Adviser to try growing flowers and as well as putting up a small tunnel, had cutting beds ploughed five years ago.  The main crops in the tunnel are alstromeria and scented pinks and outside I grow a range of annuals as well as lilies.  In 2015 I had a second small tunnel erected which gives me greater scope for such crops as bloom chrysanthemums, Statice, Molucella, Ammi, sweet peas and calla lilies. The eucalyptus collection is increasing in numbers and variety, and I also grow Hypericum, Viburnum, Photinia and Christmas trees.

I specifically grow a wide range of flowers specifically aimed at weddings and am willing to trial materials on request. I sell directly to the public and to florists and operate a successful honesty box at the farm gate. Foliage is cut to order ensuring it has a good vase life – normally 2 – 3 weeks.  Many flowers are scented and I aim to grow flowers which have a good vase life ensuring customers feel that they are getting good value for their purchases.

Maintaining the grass between trees and the grass strips between rows is aided and abetted by our two eco-mowers: two Shetland ponies called Meg and Tilly. Visitors enjoy interacting with them and of course they greatly enhance the compost heaps! Where possible I avoid chemicals and spraying, and as a result of the variety of flowers, we enjoy huge numbers of insects, particularly bumble bees and butterflies as well as bats visiting the pond area to feed on insects.

Oakfield Flowers


I (Tony Blaney), based in Co Antrim, have just started growing cut flowers two years ago as a result of attending courses at the Greenmount Campus of CAFRE. I grow a range of flowers including dahlias, chrysanthemums and pinks, with varieties increasing each year. Flowers are available in bunches from the farm and also a local farmers’ market. As business increases, I hope to expand production on my one acre site, which I run single handedly! I also grow some holly for the Christmas Market. For enquiries tel: 02894 461433

Greenisland Flowers

We are a family business growing stock, tulips, lilies and various other crops and we supply major supermarkets throughout the UK. Further information on the website.

Fortavon Flowers


We are a family run business, based near Coleraine, growing lilies, alstromeria, sweet william, stocks, aster, Bells of Ireland, larkspur, sunflowers, brassicas, hypericum and miscanthus. We also grow eucalyptus and supply local florists and supermarkets. For enquiries, telephone 07793293283.

Ballinahone Nurseries


We are based in Armagh and grow various cut flower crops which we supply to florists. Further details on the website or telephone 07829647551